Founder Centric™
Investment and Venture Capital Platform


Hurt Capital leverages a proprietary theory on concentrated equity ownership structures. With particular emphasis on founder-run companies, this unique approach is based on intensive research that has reverse engineered the extraordinary success of Berkshire Hathaway – an investment firm well-known for its long-term orientation, ethical disposition, and management-friendly engagements.

Over a decade ago, concentrated equity ownership (CEO) theory predicted the rapid rise of founder-run companies in public markets. In identifying hidden economic efficiencies within Apple, Facebook, Google and Netflix, while paralleling that discovery alongside other economic phenomena under a new theory of the firm, this work displaces the fulcrum of the dominant paradigms in corporate governance theory. 

We take a platform approach to venture capital with a view to actively supporting founders on the path to prominence. This involves an extensive partnership network to help founder-run companies attain rapid international expansion.

Hurt Capital is committed to contributing its research capabilities to enhance global economic growth, particularly within emerging innovation and technology ecosystems.


Experience at the intersection of
finance, law and economics


Founder Centric™

For companies in growth mode, we leverage a highly curated collaboration network of professionals and partners to empower you with tools to build your vision. Our goal is to enhance your access to resources in software engineering, product development, finance, corporate governance, capital raising, and global expansion.


We inject capital and ongoing investment to fuel your global growth. Let us connect you with other founder-centric™ VCs, assist with complex financing rounds, and guide the capital raising process to minimize dilution. Extraordinary founders should be focused on achieving their idiosyncratic vision of the future – with minimal distraction.


We are a research-driven firm. Our investment analysis is informed by a proprietary economic theory and world-class track record that reflects our predictive abilities as long-term investors with an entrepreneurial mindset.

We help founders build their vision

  • Our Founder Control™ and Vision Control™ methodologies empower founders with valuable mechanisms to build their vision of the future with minimal distraction or interference – within the parameters of good corporate governance.
  • With a view to preserving the vision of company founders – we help structure financing rounds and share-based compensation arrangements, engage in board interactions, and manage financing negotiations. 
  • From the vantage point of voting control residing with founders and/or founder-friendly VCs – we provide insight into corporate governance mechanisms, shareholder agreements, term sheet negotiations, and other contractual arrangements.