Our first millennial club investment


Over a decade, Apple steadily moved towards a 1000% gain from our lowest purchase price of $15/share (split adjusted) in late 2008. Our proprietary research indicated severe undervaluation at initiation, and again in 2013. We increased our holdings accordingly. In May 2018 we exited this position at $188/share to open up liquidity for new opportunities.
Today, Apple is recognized as one of the greatest investments in history.


Welcome to Century Club


After going public in May 2012, Facebook's share price began a precipitous decline. Each step of the way, we increased our position with our lowest purchase at $19.63 per share. Facebook joined our Century Club in mid-2013, when it crossed the 100% return mark. In late-2015 it became a triple crown, hitting the 300% return threshold. Today, Facebook's mobile advertising business is generating steady revenue, market sentiment has shifted, and the future looks bright. 



Century Club Newbie


Netflix is our fastest rising investment to date, entering our Century Club in a record four months. In late-2015, we significantly reduced our position due to valuation concerns given medium-term risks and uncertainties. In mid-2016, when Netflix's share price reached a 28% decline from its 52-week high, we began building back our position. Its valuation is now rich again. Nonetheless, Netflix is building a wonderful company and we continue to monitor for opportunities to increase our holdings. 



Sustainable Performance


Tesla is capturing the imagination of consumers with its iconic high performance vehicles and aesthetic energy storage systems. Tesla’s ecosystem for sustainable energy consumption will define the modern lifestyle. Despite medium-term risks and uncertainties, we are optimistic about Tesla's future. We continue to monitor for opportunities to increase our position.