Canadian Global Growth Program™

The mission of the Canadian Global Growth Program™ is to propel Canadian technology ventures into global markets. 

Since 2012, Hurt Capital has researched avenues for enhancing the technology startup ecosystem in Canada. Its work in this field strives to contribute to Canada’s economic prosperity and competitiveness as a jurisdiction of choice for entrepreneurial activity, capital investment, and technological innovation.

Hurt Capital leverages over 600 professionals and partners in 14 offices through strategic relationships with globally integrated technology companies. The company engages in two core business activities: Capital Investment and Venture Capital. These activities are synergistic due to, among other attributes, domain expertise in founder-oriented ownership structures and consumer-oriented technology – alongside an exceptionally long-term entrepreneurial mindset. Hurt Capital's track record is in identifying world-class companies, investing during periods of uncertainty, and holding for the long term. 

Global Capital

  • Growth stage Canadian technology companies

Grow your company in Canada while attracting venture capital and strategic investments from founder-friendly VCs in the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. 

Eligibility Criteria

Exclusively for Canadian technology companies in growth mode or graduates from our invitation-only Global Advisory Program. 

  • Generating $3M or more in recurring revenue, or have raised at least $10M from VCs, angel investors and/or strategic partners
  • Company has global growth ambitions, alongside a founding team with exceptionally long-term goals
  • Founder(s) are committed to a grand vision that extends beyond a single product or service
  • Not reliant on first-mover advantage or the absence of competition
  • Highly scalable business model with moderate to low capital intensity and relatively high gross margins

Additional discretionary criteria include, among other factors, an analysis of the management team structure, sustainability of valuation, industry and competitive dynamics, consistency with our internal domain expertise, our ability to add value, and synergy with the business objectives and criteria of our Global Partners. 

Meeting the above minimum criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Global Partner Program

  • VCs, corporations and service providers based in U.S., UK, China

The Global Partner Program provides on-the-ground Canadian support to enhance engagement with prospective portfolio companies, supercharge Canadian deal flow, and accelerate investment returns. 

With a view to advancing Canada's technology ecosystem, Hurt Capital partners with global VCs, corporations, and service providers to enhance their business objectives in Canada. This includes vetting Canadian startups, providing local insight, sharing research, and assisting with due diligence. 

Eligibility Criteria

Venture Capital

Exclusively for VCs, particularly those based in U.S., UK or China.

  • Capable of investing at least $100M into Canadian technology companies
  • Founder-friendly orientation with a long-term approach to capital investment
  • Committed to leveraging resources (beyond capital) to help Canadian companies expand into global markets. 

Corporations and Service Providers

Must be based outside of Canada, particularly in the U.S., UK or China.

  • Capable of dedicating financial and/or strategic resources to help Canadian startups achieve their global ambitions 
  • Committed to playing a leadership role in advancing the technology startup ecosystem in Canada
  • Willing to leverage a partner-oriented mindset in achieving core business objectives.

Meeting the above minimum criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the program. 


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